Happiness and You

Do you find yourself chasing after the wrong things?  We think we need money, food, sex, televisions, and fancy cars, while others live above poverty level.  Do you feel you cannot, will not, and never have been able to create happiness?  True happiness comes from finding your purpose, which can be as simple as engaging in something you enjoy!

You can start when you develop positive feelings toward choices you have made, even if the alternatives may have been more desirable (i.e., “I’m glad I quit law school to become a teacher”).  We can create and find happiness in everything we do.  If you don’t like our choices, create again, it’s your creation.  Don’t dwell on disappointment and sadness, it only creates more.

Surround yourself with friends and family or the things that you like to do, or people that have the most positive influence in your life.  Close relationships bring feelings of love, which encourages us to reciprocate those feelings to others, which in turn brings even more love into our lives.  If you choose to alienate yourself from others, it also alienates you from the possibility of finding happiness.

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