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Let’s start a spring cleaning on your health!  As a health and exercise conscious individual, this is the best time of the year where winter is behind and spring is ahead. This is the time to shed winter clothes, welcome fresh air, and spend more time outdoors.

As you have heard in the media and perhaps read in books, ‘juicing’ is the most natural and healthy way to cleanse your body.  Every morning have a glass of fresh made juice of only vegetables.  The vegetables are a good source of roughage.  Plus, you get the vitamins from the fresh juice.  Afterwards, you can have a healthy breakfast or keep it at just the juice.

Here are some benefits of juicing:

  • Detoxify and lose weight
  • Slow the aging process
  • Boost your immune system
  • Conquer fatigue
  • Balance your thyroid functions
  • Become much healthier and feel great

Use these vegetables to get your system started plus these are their benefits.  In juicing vegetables give the most benefit for your immune system and a way to heal your body.

These are the most potent vegetables that have the most punch fo your health.  Especially for keeping illness away year ’round.

  • Kale – Best source for Calcium, Vitamin A, and Iron
  • Broccoli – Vitamin A, C
  • Celery – Vitamin A
  • Parsley – High in Iron, Copper, and Manganese
  • Beets – Vitamin A
  • Carrots – High in Vitamin A, Calcium, and a great roughage source
  • Cabbage – Excellent source of Vitamin C
  • Spinach – Vitamin A, C

One great benefit of juicing is your skin and face will show an definite improvement.  So, start this new habit and you will have great looking skin this spring and summer!


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