Wealth and You

Your attitude about wealth and prosperity is vital.  If we don’t have the proper perspective, our creation is useless.  Every thought comes from you past experiences, they influence the present.  It’s time to reprogram your mind, and bolster you worthiness.

Let’s start with what we feel money is.  Do you believe money is evil, or that having money means that someone will do without?  All it takes is simple mind change and any negative beliefs have got to go!

All you need is positive affirmations. Say to yourself daily:

  • “I am worthy to have money”
  • “Money comes effortlessly and abundantly”
  • “I create wealth in everything I do”
  • “Money is coming my way!”

Be creative, write your own.  Repeat these phrases or similar ones on a daily basis.  It might take six or eight weeks to remove negative thought patterns.  Also, consider writing your thoughts about money and wealth in a journal.  Review them after the six weeks and see how you feel.

Most importantly, appreciate what you have, and express gratitude.  The more you express the appreciation for your blessings, the more good comes your way, no matter how small.

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