Change your Layer..Change your LIfe

It is human nature to want to be happy and obtain a measure of peace in our lives. This innate desire is one thread of commonality that every member of our species shares. When you look deep inside yourself it is easy to see these things are something we all want. However, we often find ourselves searching and reaching for that fulfillment in the wrong ways, whether it be through relationships with other people, entertainment or our careers.

This book is written to help to understand how consciousness works. By re-disciplining the mind to see anything less than love. The messages in the new book: Change your Layers..Change your Life will stick with you. All you need to do is write them down. And go over them daily. This starts a process that allows the emotional body to create the space for something new. A rebirth on the emotional level.

Change your Layer ..Change your Life strives to teach readers how to move beyond of old perceptions and release the clutter and noise of daily life in exchange for an environment of openness and strength. Change your Layer…Change your Life is available for pre-orderĀ  please email your request.

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