About Mari Rose

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Mari Rose is an author, life intuitive, speaker, and teacher.  Her channeled guidance is available through seminars, private sessions, her book, and audio recordings. Mari’s teachings are intuitive and evolved naturally. Her channeled teaching inspired her book, Change Your Layers… Change Your Life.

Mari has electrified audience members to create their individual destinies, inner peace and greater fulfillment in life.

As a contemporary teacher, she has mentored more than 3000 clients throughout the world to successfully empower them to awaken spiritually and transform their inner consciousness and awareness.

Mari’s radio show, “The Power to Awaken”, aired on the Pacific Coast and in Las Vegas. Her book, Change Yours Layers… Change Your Life, has received mention in local magazines. Her presidential predictions were published in the February 2008 issue of UK’s publication, “Mirror”.

Mari graduated from California Polytechnic State University.  She continues to practice her speaking, intuitive consulting, teaching and lecture business.

Welcome to psychic Vegas, where transformation and change is always possible!

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