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Fear In You

When the body is contracted it’s a clear sign that there is something wrong and fear is resident. Let’s imagine the ocean and within the ocean a waves occurs it’s a moment of separation.  When the wave tightening it spews into the air separating itself from the wholeness of the ocean. This feeling of separation […]

Happiness and You

Do you find yourself chasing after the wrong things?  We think we need money, food, sex, televisions, and fancy cars, while others live above poverty level.  Do you feel you cannot, will not, and never have been able to create happiness?  True happiness comes from finding your purpose, which can be as simple as engaging […]

Health and You

Let’s start a spring cleaning on your health!  As a health and exercise conscious individual, this is the best time of the year where winter is behind and spring is ahead. This is the time to shed winter clothes, welcome fresh air, and spend more time outdoors. As you have heard in the media and perhaps read in […]

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